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Prioritisation of Cochrane Haematology Review topics


Welcome to this survey!


The Cochrane Haematology Review Group asks for your help to decide on the top priority topics for review updates and new systematic reviews as part of their priority setting exercise.

The full plan for this exercise can be found here.

Cochrane Haematology is conducting this exercise to ensure that their resources and efforts are being used to produce high quality evidence on systematic review topics of the utmost importance to their end-users of Cochrane reviews. The results of this exercise will guide the Group's work moving forward.

Prior to creating this survey, the Group has analysed their review portfolio and worked with stakeholders and Cochrane Haematology's Editors to devise a list of important topics for review updates and new reviews. The Group now wants your say to prioritise amongst these topics.


If you are an individual who has been affected by haematological disease, a carer, health professional, guideline developer, researcher, policy maker or part of an advocacy group, we would love to hear from you by completing this survey.


This survey will take approximately 5 minutes. In the survey you will be asked to share your views on highly relevant Cochrane Haematology review topics.

There are 6 steps:

1. Personal information (optional)

2. Select top topics for review updates

3. Rank your top topics

4. Select top topics for new reviews

5. Rank your top topics

6. Add other topics


All responses will remain confidential and anonymous. Providing personal or contact information is voluntary. Contact data will be used only to disseminate the final list of priority topics. All data is stored in a password protected electronic format. Submission of the survey will be interpreted as your informed consent to participate.


You are invited to share the survey link with individuals or organisations who you think might be interested in providing feedback.


Thank you for participating. Your views are important.


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